Ridesharing Accident

October 31, 2023

Ridesharing Accident in Las Vegas: What You Need to Know

Understanding Your Rights After a Ridesharing Accident in Las Vegas Explained by our Car Accident Lawyer

Getting around the Las Vegas Strip on foot can take some serious determination and walking shoes because it is a little over 4 miles long.  Thankfully, the City of Las Vegas has several different ways of getting around Vegas like taxis, the Deuce buses, the Monorail, and now ridesharing.

In fact, on the City’s main website on “Getting Around Vegas,” ridesharing is now in the top-spot above all other forms of travel.  If you have ever been to Vegas you will know why.  Ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and several others have essentially taken over transportation on the Strip.  They are convenient, affordable, and becoming more acceptable.  Roughly 36% of all Americans have used Uber, Lyft, or another ridesharing app, and that number is only increasing.

However, this does not mean a ridesharing accident in Las Vegas cannot happen.

Other research, according to two universities in a joint study shows that ridesharing services have increased traffic-related deaths by 2%-3% over the last several years.  Uber’s self-reported statistics show a little over 100 fatalities each year, with 90% of all fatal crashes occurring in urban areas. There are also thousands of other personal injuries not reported by ridesharing companies.  Our ridesharing accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV knows this to be true.

Here at Michael Hua Injury Law, we represent individuals and their families after the reckless, careless, and negligent conduct of another person or business harms them.  This includes some of the most catastrophic or fatal car crashes in Nevada, including a ridesharing accident in Las Vegas.  If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or if a loved one was wrongfully killed, call our law firm for a FREE consultation to learn how we can begin to help you today.

Why a Ridesharing Accident in Las Vegas is Different

At first glance, a ridesharing accident may appear to be the same as any other motor vehicle crash.  After all, a vehicle is involved and the crash occurs on the roadway sometimes involving another vehicle, or sometimes a pedestrian as is common on the Strip.

But after a crash, you will immediately see why it is different.

The driver’s insurance company will likely disclaim or advise that the policy does not cover personal injuries during employment (i.e., driving an Uber or Lyft).  This is commonly known as an “exclusion,” and is usually because the driver does not tell his or her insurance that they are driving for Uber, Lyft, or another company.  That is because it would raise his or her premium—which is meant to protect you.

Calling the ridesharing company will only result in them referring you to their insurance company or lawyer.  Once you finally get through the layers of phone directories, they will then tell you how the driver was an independent contractor or freelancer, not an employee, and you do not have a claim against the ridesharing company.

When you contact your own insurance company, they will then tell you that Nevada is an “at fault” state, meaning you have to turn to the liable party for compensation and not your own insurance company.

This is already turning out to not be a normal motor vehicle wreck case.  And then you are trying to navigate this system while you are severely injured, recovering, and facing financial stress for high medical bills and accumulating lost wages, it can be extremely overwhelming.

What do you do?

Steps to Take After a Ridesharing Accident in Las Vegas

If you have been involved in a ridesharing accident as a passenger, a driver, or passenger in another car hit by a ridesharing vehicle, or if you were a pedestrian or cyclist hit by a ridesharing vehicle, do not try to navigate this process alone.  Ask an experienced ridesharing accident lawyer in Las Vegas like ours at Michael Hua Injury Law for help.  We accept cases on a contingency fee agreement, meaning there is no upfront cost to retain our services and we only get paid after you get paid in a settlement, court verdict, or arbitration award.

Right after a ridesharing accident in Las Vegas, here are some important tips our bodily injury lawyer at Michael Hua Injury Law wants you to know:

  1. Remain calm and call 911. If someone is severely injured, make sure to make that clear to the operator that EMS is needed right away.  Metro police are very good at responding to an accident scene quickly and are well-trained to stabilize a victim and secure an accident scene for EMS.
  2. Take a screenshot of your ridesharing app to show the location and that the ride was still in progress. Uber and Lyft will immediately try to disclaim that you were in a ride when the accident occurred.  They may also try to say that the ride was over and you were not a customer.  This is why it is important to immediately take a screenshot of your app to show that you were still en route to your destination and your app was on at the time of the crash.  The location on the screenshot will match the police report to help corroborate your claim.
  3. Seek medical treatment if injured.  Whether you are a resident or visitor, no one wants to get medical attention if they think they can “tough it out.”  While that may be acceptable in sports, being involved in a motor vehicle crash is not time to be a hero.  Tell EMS everything that hurts, even if it is a small ache or pain, and go to the hospital if they recommend further evaluation.  Some injuries like a brain bleed could result in a mild headache but become fatal in a few hours.  Whereas other neck and back injuries could result in mild pain for days, weeks, or even months, but ultimately be due to a herniated disc and radiculopathy requiring a spinal fusion.  If you did not treat right away, not only are you risking your life, but you are also risking your claim for compensation after a ridesharing accident in Las Vegas.
  4. Take photographs of the accident scene, debris field, and signage.  While police may do this too, it is also better that you have your own photographs just in case they do not.  If you are seriously injured and unable to take these photographs, ask a friend to do that or specifically request the police to do it.  But do not try to take these photographs if you are severely injured, because a defense lawyer will easily use your ability to take photographs against you.
  5. Gather witness information, if possible.  Again, if you are able try to collect all witness information.  The Metro police are good about doing this, but having other witnesses’ information before they leave the scene could help.
  6. Contact Michael Hua Injury Law.  While you may need to contact your insurance company right away too, having a lawyer on your side before you do that can ensure that your insurance company or the defendant’s insurance company does not trick you into admitting information that could hurt your case.  Oftentimes this is intentional and the facts you admit may not necessarily be true, but part of a specialized training program that insurance adjusters get to minimize or devalue cases.

Call Our Personal Injury Lawyer for Any Ridesharing Accident in Las Vegas, NV

Whether you are a resident, guest, visitor, employee, or another individual on the Strip because your accident was here it is likely that the situs (or location) of your case will also be in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This means hiring a local attorney who is compassionate, skilled, and has experience handling ridesharing accidents in Las Vegas is a must to protect your rights.  These are not normal types of car collision cases, and they often result in complex liability issues.

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