Best Personal Injury Lawyer For You

August 23, 2023

How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You

You’ve gotten in a serious car accident. You can still smell the stench of burnt brake pads. You can hear the ambulance ringing throughout the streets. The red, white, and blue lights from the police, the ambulance, and fire department are blinding.

Your body feels like it shouldn’t move or else things will turn south for you. Maybe you are feeling serious pressure coming from your neck. Maybe you broke something. Maybe your injuries are even worse…maybe you’re decapitated, or the accident was fatal and now you’ve lost a loved one.

You suddenly wake up in a hospital, out of work, or out of school. Your life is just different.

Now on top of that, you are faced with unaffordable medical bills. You’ve lost your independence to complete basic routine tasks on your own. Maybe you can’t even take a shower on your own anymore. You’ve lost your movement and enjoying even a simple walk is impossible without pain.

Your freedom to do what you want to do and when you want to do it is gone to no fault of your own. Now those who are responsible are pretending like you were never hurt in the first place or that you are exaggerating what you are going through.

Now what? After all, it’s not like this started for no reason. Somebody is responsible. Right?

This is where you need to hire the best personal injury lawyer for you who will fight for your full justice and financial compensation for your harms and losses.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You Understands that You Cannot Put a Price on what is Priceless.

We’ve experienced serious injury, lingering pain, and loss of movement. We wouldn’t trade that in for any amount of money. There’s no value you can place on love, companionship, independence, and freedom.

However, financial compensation is the only way society allows for justice in a civilized manner and you are allowed civil justice through your constitutional right to a jury trial. After all, we no longer live in an eye-for-an-eye society.

The best personal injury lawyer for you will take the time to learn about you, meet your friends, family, and learn your story. After all, your case is more than just your bills and your injuries will affect all aspects of your life. Unlike the insurance company, the best personal injury lawyer for you does not see you as just a dollar amount and is eager to learn about you as a person, as a human being.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You will Honestly Evaluate and Investigate Your Case

The best personal injury lawyer for you will not fear telling you that they do not think you have a case in the first place. They will be brutally honest with you, will not fear uncomfortable conversations, and will tell you the good and especially the bad aspects of your case because you need to be fully informed of the investigation and evaluation of your case. This is one of the few ways that you know you have a personal injury lawyer that you can trust.

Before filing a personal injury case, you must understand and know your rights first. Hiring an experienced injury lawyer ensures that you are well informed about your rights, have a rough estimate of the entitled compensation, types of losses you can file cases for, and explain the position in the case.

Try to hire a personal injury lawyer that does not charge anything up front or an expensive billable rate and instead only takes a fee on a win basis. This allows your personal injury lawyer accountability for working your case to full value while also allowing for affordable and accessible justice. Even someone with a dollar to their name can find full justice and compensation for the wrongs that occurred to them. Your personal injury lawyer will be putting their own money and time on the line for your cause, to investigate, to get evidence, and to fight.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You Will Make Your Recovery their Priority.

If you suffered a serious injury, you are likely dealing with doctors and treatment. You are focused on recovery.

The last thing you need is the added stress arising out of legal issues and offensive evaluations from insurance companies. This is where injury lawyers come into the picture.

Settling a claim is a time-consuming procedure, and it’s important to start making your case immediately before it gets too late. In Nevada, most personal injuries have a 2-year limit to file a lawsuit.

A personal injury lawyer will work hard to collect all the best evidence to strengthen your claim and make sure that you are fully compensated and allows you the time to recover as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Hiring the best personal injury lawyer for you will help allow you to get the best treatment for your recovery. While you are recovering from your injury, the best personal injury lawyer for you will develop a relationship with you and invest their time and money into passionately fighting for your justice.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You Cares.

You are more than a dollar figure. You are more than your medical bills. You are more than the damage to your vehicle or property. “You are not your khakis.”

You are human and so are we. Even an injury to one body part will affect your entire body and your life. It will affect your relationships. It will affect the parts of life that matter most. The best personal injury lawyer for you will put the time and effort to deep dive into completely understanding your life and the facts and circumstances surrounding your injuries.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You Will Gather the Proper Evidence.

One of the major benefits of having a personal injury lawyer is that they know what evidence to look for to make your case as strong as possible. The best personal injury lawyer for you will go above and beyond to learn everything about you. Afterall, you are the most important piece of evidence and it is called “personal” injury for a reason. You are the star witness to your personal injury case.

The best personal injury lawyer for you will also understand the rules of evidence and the methods of introducing evidence in the courtroom. In the courtroom, a judge needs proof of negligence to decide, and an accident report is not allowed to prove negligence. Your medical diagnosis, symptoms, and charges must also be proven to a reasonable standard. The best personal injury lawyer for you will gather and be able to present the best evidence for your case.

Some examples of important evidence used in personal injury cases are photos at the scene, any damaged property, weather conditions, nature of the injury, police reports, medical bills and reports, and eyewitness statements among other things. The best personal injury lawyer for you will collect all the vital information to strengthen your negligence claim.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You Understands Getting Full Insurance Benefits—You are Not Just a Number

Insurance companies make hundreds of billions of dollars by collecting on high premiums, delaying claims, fighting claims, and fighting for discounts on paying what is full and fair compensation. They will even fight your case to trial just so it costs more to pursue your case than any potential recovery.

Insurance is a complicated system to understand, even though almost everyone has it. Even experienced lawyers that do not commonly deal with insurance law, may find it hard to understand the legal aspects of insurance. The best personal injury lawyer for you will guide you through the insurance claim process.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You is Familiar with Court Proceedings

If you have ever been in a courtroom, you know how confusing the court proceedings can be for a normal person. The best personal injury lawyer for you will guide you through the entire litigation process. If, for any reason, there is a requirement for you to appear in court as a witness, your injury lawyer will make sure you are well-prepared and at your best.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You Will Negotiate Your Max Settlements

There is no secret to winning a case, even when you have read about personal injury cases or seen plenty of videos on tips to win an injury case on your own. There is no magic pill and most cases involve a lot of hard work.

Experienced insurance company lawyers will make sure you settle for little or nothing. Insurance company lawyers are experts in minimizing the claims and extracting testimony that can be used against your liability and to challenge the extent of your injuries. Hiring the best personal injury lawyer for you will make sure that you will have the highest ground.

How Do You Locate the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You?

Picking the best injury lawyer for you can be a daunting task. Here are some of the best ways to find a personal injury lawyer:

Ask Friends and Family.

One of the best ways to find a personal injury lawyer is to ask friends and family for referrals and recommendations from those they have had a firsthand experience with. Even if no friends or family have (luckily) never needed a personal injury lawyer, they may know some other types of lawyers that can give you a recommendation.

Always Meet with the Personal Injury Lawyer If Possible.

Sometimes the world hands you a pandemic and meeting people face to face is impossible. We get it. But there is nothing like a good old-fashioned handshake and meeting someone face to face to judge someone’s character. Don’t just rely on some ad or someone else’s word for it. We highly recommend meeting the personal injury lawyer that you intend to hire so that you will have a full understanding of each other.

An attorney-client relationship is a two-way street.

An attorney-client relationship goes both ways and can last years. Therefore, both you and the attorney must do their part to maintain that relationship and you both should like each other. It’s a commitment.

It is important to ask as many questions as possible from the personal injury lawyer until it feels like you are satisfied with the answers before moving forward. You will have many questions and you should not feel shy about asking them. One of the jobs of the best personal injury lawyer for you is to relieve you or reduce any anxiety or nervousness that you feel about your case. The best personal injury lawyer for you will help provide you the courage and emotional support so that you can do your best so it’s important to be comfortable and well connected with your lawyer so they can represent you best.

These are just some of the reasons why having a personal injury lawyer by your side to lead you through your case and fight for you. We hope you take the time to find the best personal injury lawyer for you.

Michael Hua Injury Law provides free consultations and evaluations where we will deep dive into the facts and circumstances of your case to discuss your best plan to handle your case. We will be honest in whether we even recommend hiring a personal injury lawyer in the first place.


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